Africa Institute for Project Management Studies

Africa Institute for Project Management Studies was founded in 1999 as a capacity building expert and a development think tank that proposes solutions for development problems facing third world countries . The organization runs programmes in Africa in the Congo, Kenya, Cameron, Ethiopia, Zambia, Malawi, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Africa. The organization provides expert services to international development partners and governments in the following areas:

    • • Project Report Preparation
    • • Economic Feasibility Studies
    • • Grants Management
    • • Institutional Capacity Assessments
    • • Media Management
    • • Micro Enterprise Development
    • • In house Development  training
    • • Project Management Consulting
    • • Environment Impact Assessment
    • • Environmental Management Consulting
    • • Market & Social Research Services
    • • Document Digitization
    • • Data Collection and Analysis
    • • Data Verification
    • • Language Translation Services
    • • Editing Services
    • • Manual and Content Development
    • • Project Thesis Writing
    • • International Volunteer Placement
    • • Fundraising Services
    • • Social Mobilizations
    • • Entrepreneurship Development
    • • Strategic Planning and Management
    • • Job Evaluations
    • • Strategic Communications and Branding
    • • Organizational Capacity Assessments
    • • Documentary Productions
    • • Security Advisory and Management
    • • Public Policy Analysis
    • • Designing Communication Strategies

We offer training in:

    • a) Agriculture, environment and natural resources
    • b) Health
    • c) Participatory development approaches
    • d) Organizational/institutional development
    • e) Project design, development and implementation
    • f) Livelihood enhancement
    • g) Human resource and business management
    • h) Operational research programmes
    • I) Humanitarians Management Programmes

We have delivered timely and professional capacity building services to a wide variety of organizations in the development sector. These include donor organizations, Government agencies, co-funding agencies, International and local NGOs, Government agencies and private sector firms. We have conducted successful consultancies for many organizations.

Our Approach

We're continuously tracking the latest business trends and any new development agenda as well as monitoring employee attitudes to ensure our content is relevant, practical and useful. The changing needs of our customers drive the planning and development of each and every course and In-house seminar. We are known for being practical, focused, and results oriented. We aim to provide flexibility in our services in order to meet the array of needs and constraints facing public sector, private organizations and development organizations today.

    • The recorded video lessons make it possible to listen and watch the lessons as often as necessary.
    • All lessons are accessible worldwide.
    • Studying by Distance Learning achieves the same qualifications as our Live Online Classes. You can start at any time and get access to our Lessons.
    • Daily or weekly traditional classes can be inconvenient, stressful and costly.
    • If you are not able to log on to our live online classes because of time differences, family or work commitments, you can enjoy the next best thing - Recorded Videos.
    • Can't wait, won't wait? Start your lessons immediately!
    • Study whenever it is convenient.
    • Your queries can be sent to us by email or Chat, We will reply at the earliest opportunity.

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