AIPMS is pleased to announce a Certificate Course in Supply Chain Management Online and Distance Learning Course, which starts 1st of every month

Course Overview
While many careers in the sector have existed for decades or more, the term ‘supply chain management’ is relatively new. Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) defines supply chain management as: Strategic management of the flow of goods, services, finance and information, along with relationships within and among organizations, to support and achieve an organization’s objectives. Strategic collaboration within and among organizations in a supply chain helps reduce costs, minimize inventory, enhance flexibility and improve a product’s time to market.

The Online course in Procurement and Supply Management provides fundamental information on the principles, procedures; terminology, techniques and tools used in the field of purchasing and supply management. Current practices are examined, providing learners with up-to-date knowledge and skills to operate successfully in various enterprises. 

The programme is aimed at equipping first-line managers with the knowledge and skills required to fulfill their management role within the supply chain by solving well-defined problems. 

Training Objectives
the aim of this course is to provide participants with:

  1. A clear understanding of the principles of effective public procurement, the generic procurement process and the role of corporate and transactional procurement.
  2. The capability to plan, implement and evaluate a sourcing process appropriate to the value/risk of the category being procured Knowledge of what rules and procedures govern public procurement – and why they exist

Course Content

To achieve this course a learner will:

  1. Introduction to procurement
  2. History of procurement
  3. Procurement myths
  4. Procurement and organizational strategy
  5. Procurement and managing change
  6. Procurement planning
  7. Procurement strategy
  8. Procurement cycle
  9. Tendering process
  10. Selection criteria
  11. Tender evaluation
  12. Tender negotiations
  13. Risk management
  14. Supplier relationship management
  15. New supplier engagement
  16. Contracts and contract management
  17. Contract administration
  18. Contract law
  19. Monitoring supplier performance
  20. Procurement ethics
  21. Supply market analysis


  1. Engaging and managing stakeholders
  2. Writing specifications and terms of reference
  3. Selection of methods (RFQ, ITB and RFP)
  4. Preparation of solicitation documents
  5. Bid receipt and opening
  6. Evaluating bids and proposals
  7. Contract approval process
  8. Committee submissions and approvals
  9. Contract award and management
  10. Contract management terms and skills
  11. Performance monitoring
  12. Dispute management
  13. Ethics and integrity in procurement


Computing Requirements:

Participants will need to use email, upload and download word docs, PowerPoint files and PDFs, and post on the discussion board or send assignments by email.   If you do not have internet speed sufficient to download materials, an offline DVD or hard copies course may be the right alternative for you. Materials Provided: Online delivery of curriculum materials, exercises and templates.


After they have read the material for each unit, students are expected to test their own Learning by completing some relevant exercises and tasks.

In order to demonstrate their understanding of the course content, students will be required to submit three assignments.


DURATION AND COURSE LOAD: 8 Weeks - 5 to 6 hours per week
DATES: (Two Months) Course Starts 1st of Every Month.
PARTICIPANTS: Development Professionals
ORGANIZERS: Africa Institute for Project Management Studies
LANGUAGE: English only
FORMAT: Web-based and Distance Learning facilitated

Kindly confirm your participation with:

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