Is your organization struggling with funding challenges? Are you surviving the current global financial challenges?, global economic recession, and lack of committed volunteers to support organizations resource mobilization strategy?

You are not just a fundraiser. You are a catalyst for change. Philanthropy does not just happen. It requires knowledge, confidence and a well-maintained toolkit to bring hearts, minds and resources together for the greater good. This conference is your opportunity to sharpen your focus and skills, and to amass knowledge that will bring immediate impact to your organization.

Every year, fundraisers and change-makers from across the world come together in Nairobi , Kenya to share, inspire and cross-fertilize thinking and ideas from all over the world. The Africa Fundraising Symposium is a hub for learning, networking and opportunities through amazing speakers with international and local delegates discussing thousands of ideas that can change the world. The Symposium designed by fundraisers, for fundraisers, to help charities of all sizes successfully adapt to and benefit from technological changes. Join us in Nairobi, Kenya for three days of listening, learning among the greatest thought-leaders in international fundraising and philanthropy. You will come away inspired, invigorated and more certain than ever that fundraising is the hardest job you will ever love

Africa Institute for Project Management Studies ( AIPMS) is therefore pleased to invite you to the 3rd Africa Fundraising Symposium in Nairobi.

Theme: The Challenges and Opportunities of Fundraising in Africa
Dates: 18th to 19th April 2018
Venue: Hilton Hotel, Nairobi
Registration Fee: Usd 500 ( Kshs 50,000)
Symposium Targets: Government planning officers, Executive Assistants,Project managers, Project Evaluators, project leaders; County Executives, NGOs, Donors, Development Partners, Policy Makers, Development Banks, International Development Organizations, Fundraising Consultants, Investors and academics.

Fundraising Essentials
Fundraising Ideas that Work
Creating Careers in Fundraising
Improving Your Donor Engagement
Good Fundraising Practices-Fundraising Code of Conduct
Proposal Development
The role of the Media in Fundraising
Adapting to Change and Technology in Fundraising
Raising money on Facebook: Yes, it can be done.
Impact Volunteering
Engaging and Energizing Volunteer for Fundraising Success
Ten Habits of Highly Successful Fundraisers
The Art and Science of Fundraising Persuasion
Best Practices in Foundation and Crowd funding Relations
Collective Impact through Joint Fundraising
Put Your Organizational
Fundraisers: Their Careers, Stories, Concerns, and Accomplishments
Top 7 Expert Practices for Writing Winning Grants
Fundraising Trends and Processes
Challenges and Opportunities in Corporate Fundraising
Innovations in Fundraising
Utilizing Intermediaries in Fundraising
Creative and innovative applications in Fundraising
Online and Social Media Fundraising
Changing Fundraising Strategy for Greater Sustainability
The Impact of Accountability on Your Bottom Line
Global Fundraising: Understanding the Basics
Management and Organizational Development (which includes:
Accountability and Ethics, Collaboration,

Symposium Schedule

Opening Ceremony
Paper Presentations and Success Stories
Technical Workshops
Plenary sessions
Closing Ceremony

For more information contact:

The Symposium Coordinator
The 3rd Africa Fundraising Symposium
Africa Institute for Project Management Studies (AIPMS)
Muthaiga Shopping Center, 4th Floor,Limuru Road, Nairobi
Tel :+254 722970 133/ +254 774 212 802 +254 774 209 354