Strategic Marketing contributes fundamentally to the success of a business.  It is essential to understand and anticipate the wants and needs of your customers in order to supply them with products and services at a profit.  It is not the sole responsibility of the Marketing department to do this but a collective responsibility of the whole organization.
This interactive course you will teach the participants how to set a marketing strategy, understand what goes into making a product successful and be able to interact with other marketing professionals.
Targeted participants
The course is meant for professionals who would like to develop their strategic planning abilities.  It is meant for Marketers who want to influence at a more senior level secure budgets for their planned marketing activities.  It is also for people in sales but would like to move into sales and marketing management positions. 

  • To provide concise, comprehensive coverage of marketing strategies and techniques which have been proven to work in organizations large and small  
  • To grasp and practice the essential skills in different areas  
  • To give non marketing personnel exposure to best practice when developing strategies to launch and promote products and services  
  • To ensure that attendees are abreast of the latest thinking in marketing

Course Outline
Strategic Marketing Planning  

  • Developing a Customer-Led Approach to Marketing 

Expanding the Marketing Mix (Part 1)

  • About the Product  
  • About the Price  

Expanding the Marketing Mix (Part 2)  

  • About the Place 
  • More idea about the kind of People 
  • Information on the Process  

Expanding the Marketing Mix (Part 3)  

  • Promotion  
  • Writing the Marketing Plan

Method of training
The course is interactive and practical giving participants a mixture of learning through discussion, exercises, role play and plenty of time to practice what is learnt.  
Course fees
Kenyan residents: Kshs 100,000/=             International: USD 1,000/=
The fees will cater for tuition, lunch, and tea break snacks. Participants will be expected to take care of their travel, accommodation and any other out of pocket expenses. Accommodation can be reserved on prior arrangement.
Mode of payment
Payment shall be made through electronic fund transfer to Africa Development Resources bank account 7 days prior to the commencement of the course.
For further information please contact us on;
Telephone: +254733846186